Social Media Management

A solid brand isn’t anything unless your audience sees it and hears your message. Social Media Management goes hand-in-hand with any solid marketing plan. Mobile City Media project managers are masters of taking advantage of social media platforms at an affordable rate.
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Social Media Management

Why It’s Important To Invest In Social Media Management

Brand Awareness

Building your brand’s presence on social media is key to your success. By creating engaging content on social media, your brand has an opportunity to reach your potential customers.

Social Proof

When people are searching for a company to do business, they will check for “social proof.” Social proof involves the quality and consistency of your branding across your social media accounts.

Save Time

Creating new and engaging content based on complex analytical data can be time-consuming. With a social media manager on your side, you can reserve time for other things!

Keep your brand active and engaged on social media.

Included With Our Plans

Dedicated Social Media Manager

With the force of your dedicated social media manager, your business’s media platforms can be organized, maintained, and structured to reach your business’s goals.


We will monitor your social platforms to ensure that every aspect of your account and postings are running smoothly, are well organized, and build the brand persona you would like your business to establish.

Follower and Community Growth

Social media is a long-game marketing process. Though it is possible to become a viral sensation overnight — as we wish all of our clients did — it is very rare. Ultimately, your social media manager will help guide your business towards social growth and increased follower engagement. The best way to spur growth on any social media platform is to post regularly, and often. The budget you invest in boosting your content/posts, as well as managing your platforms, play a part in how fast your business’s presence on social media will grow.

Post Curation & Strategy

Your social media manager will be responsible for researching your industry, as well as your business to develop a powerful strategy. Aside from absorbing information about your business, they will also craft a social media posting schedule to your desired social platforms, according to analytical data that demonstrates high user activity.


Your social media manager will spend time on your platforms to write content true to your brand’s voice. By constructing accounts with useful content on them, followers can feel more comfortable engaging, following, and converting with your business.


We can publish your posts on the applicable social network platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, etc). Displaying your branding and content on these popular platforms will give your business the social recognition it needs to connect with loyal customers.


Select plans include Ad Credits for boosting and/or follower campaigns to increase your reach. They can also be used for social RET® or STA® campaigns. (more Ad Credits can always be added on-demand and are often recommended to increase growth)



*Add additional monthly platform management to any plan for $150/mo per profile.
*Add additional monthly engagement hours to any plan for $75/mo.
*Add additional monthly posts to any plan for $75/mo per post.
*Add any amount of additional Ad Credits to any plan for increased boosting.
*Add Social Influencer Actor videos to any plan for $450/mo per video.
*Add OneShot videos to any plan for $150/mo per video.