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Mobile City Media's mobile applications platform operates on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and wearable devices to create incredible Augmented Reality experiences designed for and around your brand.
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Next-Generation Entertainment & Education

Enhance any text, object, or space with dynamic High-Quality 3D Experiences.


Augmented reality opens lots of possibilities for marketing, and if used creatively, it can bring more engagement and loyalty for brands and their products. Imagine walking around the shop with a smartphone in your hands, and seeing the price and characteristics of the products, along with special offers and discounts for them. With AR marketing can become more effective and fun for customers.


The biggest problem with buying furniture is that you have almost no idea how it will actually fit into your interior. This is why people hire visual designers who can show the whole picture. With an AR app you’ll be able to place any piece of furniture into your apartment without needing to bring it there physically. It can even scale the furniture and change colors, so you can choose that perfect sofa for your living room.


Imagine, how interesting the lessons would get, if teachers used AR technologies to explain some historic events. How exciting would any boring subjects became with an ability to see them live. Schools are already going digital, using computers and mobile apps at their lessons. For example, students could wander around a human cell or see a 3D galaxy on the screens of their smartphones or tablets.

Science, history, biology – everything can lighten up with the help of AR.

Coloring & Painting

In good news for parents who don’t like watching their little ones become tablet-clutching screen zombies, games are increasingly merging real-world play with digital experiences.

Measuring walls and objects isn’t the only thing augmented reality is capable for when it comes to interior. It can also paint walls in a certain color and show how the room will work with a painting on the wall.

Such apps should also be able to calculate the materials needed and labor costs.

Maps and Tourism

AR can give more information on all places you want to visit, and maps combined with an AR guide can bring you a great experience in city exploration.

Museums can also put this technology to their advantage, by telling their visitors more about the items they see and bringing them to life.


AR can erase the barriers when it comes to international business. It can help with translation, if you meet a colleague overseas, and create a common space even if you are thousands miles away from each other.

You’ll be able to record the whole meeting to return to it later, and save everything written on the virtual whiteboards.

Mobile City Media Client Advantages

At Mobile City Media, the possibilities of AR are nearly endless. They will enter almost every sphere of our life beginning with social media and ending with ecommerce. However, it will go far beyond that, and soon we’ll be designing your custom AR app, to put your brand in the forefront of your competitors.

If you want to become one of those business owners or entrepreneurs and you have some augmented reality startup ideas about how Mobile City Media can help your brand educate students, sell products or meet new people, contact our development team today. We’ll be able to make your ideas come to life.

AR Mobile App Development

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