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VR design and development.

Augmented Web Design

Pioneering immersive ways to Market.

3D modeling & design concepts.

So What Is Augmented Reality?

In AR, fabricated images are layered over reality – users can see the real world around them, for example, by using the camera function of a smartphone, but they can also see computer-generated images layered over the top of their actual surroundings. In essence, AR bridges the gap between reality and virtual reality.

Augmented & VR Web Design

Mobile City Media uses AR & VR to improve user website experience on desktop and mobile. Our eCommerce web designers have been implementing AR for the past year, making use of webcams or smartphone cameras to help consumers choose their products, making our clients brands stand out from the crowd.

Augment Branding Materials

Mobile City Media can take branding materials like business cards and brochures to the next level by adding a virtual component. Users are able to scan printed materials with their mobile devices to access a range of features giving them more information and ways to get in contact with the brand.

AR Mobile App Development

Creating a novel, unexpected or fun augmented reality app experience can result in a significant buzz for your brand. Your users can scan a brochure in the right spot to bring up interactive 3D models or videos highlighting some aspect of the information being conveyed, while bringing dynamic elements to the text.

Mobile & Web Design

Our team of web & mobile app developers are able to render a broad scope of customized solutions.

3D Modeling & 360 Video Production

We’re who you call when plain-old 2D marketing just won’t do…

Smart Print Marketing

Digital brochures that converts any existing plain paper based marketing into a highly immersive & interactive solution.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Digital Marketing Solutions

AR isn’t just about games. It goes far beyond gaming and entertainment. AR has breathtaking prospects in many industries, from education to healthcare to construction. Now AR has come to advertising, and it’s going to change the way the digital advertising market functions in 2019.

Augmented Reality (AR) Packaging

AR Packaging can enrich your brand experience – and your bottom line.

No doubt you’ve been hearing about Augmented Reality (AR) Packaging and watching other consumer brands experiment with this new technology. It’s exciting, and it’s gaining traction. In fact, it’s a game-changer. Branding experts predict that Augmented Reality Packaging will continue to be more widely embraced by marketers. Why? Because it’s an incredibly enticing, entertaining, and informative way to connect with your consumers and increase sales. At Mobile City Media, we have the expertise to guide you through this leading-edge technology. Here’s why it’s time to seriously investigate AR Packaging for YOUR brand.

Attract Readers Attention

Mixed Reality Technology Solutions

Turn your Product and Service into an innovative and interactive experience for customers

Mixed Reality Business Solutions

In the era of augmented reality and virtual reality, the way of acts has been drastically changed. Working culture in every dimension of business is now moving towards revolutions and everybody wants advanced solutions towards improvements and process development to their business.

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